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Spring Cleaning

Aug 30

Spring cleaning is more than just that. It's also now considered a worldwide tradition rooted in religion, culture and even biology. If you already guessed that spring cleaning necessarily means the total cleaning of one's house, you're right. But in order for you to completely understand what spring cleaning really means, it would be best to dig deeper into what it really entails.

So what is spring cleaning all about? Basically, it is the process of clearing out all the dirt and grime accumulated in your house, regardless of whether it is from dirt accumulated while moving to another home or from accumulated food items leftovers over the months. This way, you can ensure that your home is free from any possible allergens and mould growths. The whole point of this is to ensure a healthy environment for you and your family at all times, which might sound like a no-brainer given its obvious purpose. But what is actually meant by "healthy" is more complex than that.

Commercial Cleaning Companies, Sydney have different times of the year when it is best to do your spring cleaning. This is because it depends on the kind of dirt that needs to be dealt with. For example, if you have moulds on your carpets, it would be best to tackle it at the beginning of spring, when the surfaces are still damp and warm from the presence of human foot traffic. Cleaning at this time will ensure that it won't spread to other rooms.

In keeping with the idea of a new meaning for the term, another commonly referred to term in spring cleaning involves the use of protective clothing such as overalls and respirators. This is the reason that people tend to breathe in a lot of dust and other particles when they walk around. Hence, even though you may feel clean, the environment around you is not and should be kept free from dust, which is also a no-no. It is for this reason that people should invest in buying new respirators and overalls that they can wear while cleaning.

The third most common term in a spring cleaning checklist is lighting. Contrary to what many people believe, the best time to clean is actually in the early morning hours. This is for the reason that it is the most active - and hence, dust-free - time of day. Light fixtures are very dusty and need to be cleaned at this time, as are ceiling fans and light switches. You may not even need to worry about touching these items unless you happen to be using them under direct sunlight.

The fourth term in a list of must-dos for a spring cleaning session is the entire process of getting organized. While decluttering your house may sound easy, it can get extremely challenging if you do not have a proper system to organize things. For example, how do you classify each and every trash in your home? What things should you keep in a particular box? How do you keep track of old newspapers or old magazines? If you want to declutter your home in a hassle-free manner, then you may want to consider hiring an organizational consultant who will come over and help you through the entire process.

The fifth item on the must-do list for a successful spring cleaning session is general cleaning. It goes without saying that if your house is clean, then your house is safe, and you have nothing to worry about. This is especially true for your children's rooms. You need to ensure that their rooms get cleaned at least once a month, and preferably more often during the spring season. Children have a tendency to drop their toys and other belongings everywhere they go, so it is crucial that you clean their rooms thoroughly before they set foot inside their new homes for the first time.

The last thing you should do for your spring cleaning is to wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant. When you are cleaning the walls, use a disinfectant spray to wipe down every surface, especially those parts of the wall which are prone to the accumulation of dust. As for the floors, use an anti-microbial agent as much as you can. The most common form of disinfectant used by homemakers is chlorine dioxide. The point is to wipe down every surface, including the ones which are not reachable by hand, to ensure that you have a dirt-free environment. but there are other less harmful forms of disinfectants that you can use. If you want help, ask and visit Clean Group to recommend a good brand of disinfectant for your area and a free on-site quote for your daily cleaning problems.