Important areas to clean in the Gym and Fitness Center

In commercial health clubs and fitness centers, it is important to maintain disinfection key areas in high turnover areas. These are often where disease and illness are more likely to spread from one person to another. This includes the shower, the changing rooms, and the workout equipment and tools. The most common areas for contamination are the changing rooms, the shower, the changing table, and the workstation.

Commercial sanitizing solutions can be purchased to clean in these areas. Most people assume that the shower, changing room, and gym sanitizing gel will do the trick. However, they are wrong! Using these same sanitizers for the home will kill the germs and bacteria in our homes but will not kill the germs and bacteria that live in the drains and in our pools. This is why commercial pool and spa sanitizing chemicals are so important.

Cleaning these areas should be a priority during your yearly inspections. When you are cleaning the cleaning equipment and tools, use all-natural cleansers and disinfectants. Also, make sure that all of your workstations are cleaned thoroughly. All toilet paper and rags should be removed and thrown away immediately. Your workstations should be mopped with running water, and drying towels should be tossed away. Disinfectant protection, sanitizers, and wipes should be used in all workstations to avoid spreading diseases and illnesses.

Our workout areas are also at high risk for contamination. Most of our personal training devices are not properly sanitized. Even if they are, we are not always wiping down and disinfecting them after each use. Some of our training surfaces may have dust or dirt particles stuck in them. Make sure to use a sanitizing chemical on your workstations and your training area to help keep these areas clean and sanitize.

Our hot tubs are also at risk for contamination. Cleaning Chemicals can be used on our hot tubs after you swim and after you finish your workout session. Use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe down and scrub the sides of your hot tub with the solution. These cleaning chemicals will sanitize and protect your hot tub from dirt, bacteria, algae, and germs that can cause health problems if left unchecked.

Finally, another group of important areas to keep clean and sanitize are our spas and saunas. Using cleaning chemicals or solutions like what the Cleaner of a commercial cleaning services Sydney is using on spas and saunas will keep them free of dust and bacteria, preventing unwanted odor and discomfort. 

There are other ways to keep your home and/or business sanitized and clean. While these are some good basic practices, they do not address the worst areas where germs and bacteria can hide. It is best to address these areas head-on. The most important thing to remember when cleaning and sanitizing is to be consistent and also the gym staff to be part of the solution as well. Making them aware of at least the basics of cleaning and health protocol can mean a lot. 

Some Fitness Centers that operate long hours may require a stand-by Cleaner or Staff that looks after cleaning and sanitation.  They seek help from service providers like the Clean Group. They offer cleaning services for a customized requirement such as the Gym and Fitness Center. The type of cleaning chemicals and solutions to the frequency of Cleaning depends on the needs and what requires on that particular premise. This can be of big help to the fitness operator to ensure that cleaning and regular disinfection is taking place. 


You should make cleaning the most important areas to clean in your home and/or business a weekly, if not daily, priority. Continue this practice until you are left with nothing but clean and fresh-smelling areas. This type of maintenance will get the best results in the long run. Remember, if you are not getting clean and fresh smelling air in your home and/or office, it is time to clean these important areas to keep your family healthy and safe. If you follow these simple tips, you will be amazed at how much difference they make in the look and feel of your space.


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