Factors to Consider in making an Onsite Quote for a Cleaning Job

When making an onsite quote for a service like a Cleaning Services or Job one should always remember to give accurate information. One should also provide accurate time and date details. This helps make the entire process seamless and smooth. 

Some of the factors to consider are as follows: 

Firstly, we have to think of the complexity of the cleaning. Typical jobs include carpet cleaning, exterior window cleaning, window sills cleaning, and exterior siding cleaning. Each of these jobs will require different chemicals, supplies, and machinery. It would be reasonable to make sure that one has access to the proper tools and equipment needed for each job type. This would ensure that each cleaning is completed to the best of one’s ability. For most companies, they required customized types of Cleaning like Clinics, School and Restaurant. 

Secondly is the type of job, whether the job type is a manual job such as painting or repainting, or a robot type, such as a concrete plant repairer. If one is looking for general contracting service, such as a masonry business, one would need to take into consideration such factors as the number of days in a year on the job may be performed. The length of the job and the type of service being done would determine cost.

Thirdly is when comparing prices in making an onsite quote for a cleaning job is the type of chemicals or supplies to be provided. Oftentimes there are certain types of chemicals and supplies that are charged more than others. In addition, certain chemicals and supplies may need to be specially ordered to comply with certain ordinances or requirements. If the job is a manual one, it would be reasonable to determine which supplies would be required, since no special tools or equipment would be needed. For automated services, special equipment might be needed, such as robotic arms or blowers.

One should also look at the availability of the cleaning company and if the chemicals used are environmentally friendly. Some companies also offer environmentally friendly products for cleaning like the Commercial Cleaning in Sydney offer. One should find out if the company uses green cleaning products. It is also a good idea to call local regulatory agencies to find out if the environmental laws for the area where one is located would allow the chemicals used by the company to be used. Many areas have limits on the chemicals that can be used.

Fourthly, one must determine what size job type will be performed. For example, a power washing job would typically require a larger amount of chemicals and supplies than a standard maintenance cleaning. There are often specialized vacuums that are needed for power washing. Also, one can determine what kinds of chemicals are available for use in power washing. Another example is Steam Carpet Cleaning that needs more time in cleaning and drying the Carpet. 

Fifthly, the size of the Premises or the area the bigger the premise requires more time, supplies, and equipment to use. If it will charge by square feet or by cleaning hours. Basically, a bigger area needs a longer time of cleaning. 

Sixthly, the time of the day they would want to do the Cleaning. Most companies preferred after-hours Cleaning to avoid any disruption of operations and for the Cleaning team to perform well and it is easier to find a Cleaner for an after-hours job than during working hours timing. Clean Group is flexible with the company’s requested schedule however that means additional cost in some cases. 

Sevenly, another consideration is whether or not the company uses stainless steel equipment. Some companies prefer stainless steel because it is less likely to corrode. It is also better for the environment to use items made from recyclable materials. However, most companies prefer to use non-chemical laden equipment. If one must purchase and use chemicals, the cost of those chemicals should be considered.

Lastly, the accessibility of the Area, Parking Space, and the Petrol use during the Visit and even the schedule of the visit that’s why it is a must to arrange a schedule a little earlier and ensure that the right person is available at the time of the visit to show things around especially the areas to be clean. 

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind is very important to effectively and efficiently do the job and to make sure that you get the Client. 





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