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The Best Place to Live in Boise Idaho

Jan 8

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The city of Boise, Idaho, is the state capital and largest city in the state. It is situated in the southwest part of the state, near the Boise River. Since it is close to the Rocky Mountains, it experiences a semi-arid climate. For the most part, the temperature is fairly mild in winter, and hot and dry in summer.

Boise receives approximately three quarters of its annual precipitation between November and May. This is quite typical of the northern Great Basin. When winter temperatures are mild, it can rain instead of snow. However, there are occasional snowfalls in the area.

During the summer, Boise enjoys hot and dry weather. Temperatures range between 100 degF and 90 degF. In winter, it can reach below zero, though it usually doesn't stay below zero long. A record low was 25 degF (-18 degC) on December 22nd, 1990.

Boise enjoys a very diverse population. Approximately 15% of the population is made up of Mormons, one of the largest Mormon populations in the United States. There is also a large concentration of Basque people. Their heritage comes from the Pyrenees region. Another important ethnic group in Boise is the Middle Eastern refugees who have settled here.

While Idaho is a relatively small state, it has a large number of government agencies that provide much of the employment in the area. Other industries in Boise include agriculture, electronics, trucking, wholesale trade, and lumbering. Additionally, there are a number of law schools and technical schools in the area.

In addition to its large and varied employment opportunities, the city of Boise has a vibrant art community. It has an outdoor sculpture garden and an art deco building. Some of the museums in the area include the Boise Art Museum, the Old Idaho Penitentiary, and the Boise State Capitol Building.

During the early 20th century, the commercial lumber industry helped to fuel the rapid growth of the city. But, the city's growth slowed in the 1980s. During the 1990s, high-tech industries began to dominate the local economy. Many of the refugees relocating to the area came from Africa and the Middle East.

Boise is home to the University of Idaho, which maintains a satellite campus in the city. Idaho State University also has a satellite campus in Boise.

The Boise River Greenbelt is a series of parks along the edge of the river. It provides scenic views and wildlife. It is home to several trails and other facilities.

The Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is a popular spot for skiing and snowboarding. Located twenty miles from the center of the city, it has ski runs and chairlifts, as well as Nordic skiing and downhill mountain biking trails. The area also hosts a golf course/country club, Crane Creek.

The World Center for Birds of Prey is a nonprofit organization that works to preserve birds of prey. It breeds and protects the endangered California condor. The center also played a key role in reintroducing the Peregrine Falcon to the United States.