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7 things to know before replacing door locks

Oct 23

1. Learn the difference between rekeying and replacing a lock

Some homes can have a lot of locks on a door, so you want to save yourself the time and hassle of replacing locks. By rekeying these locks, you can save yourself more money rather than buying new locks. Sadly, some older locks just might not work anymore, so ultimately, they might need replacing.

2. Always rekey your new residence after moving

After you move into a new home, you have no idea how many contractors, repairmen, realtors, and people have been inside without you knowing. Rekeying a lock only takes less than half an hour, and there is a locksmith probably right down the street from you. This is why rekeying all of your homes is better for preventing unwanted strangers from entering.

3. Replace and upgrade old and damaged locks

No matter how good a lock might have worked in the past, some internal mechanisms stop working after a while. Especially locks that are 5 years or older need upgrading or rekeying at some point. A broken lock is no excuse for having it replaced if it's not protecting your home as it should.

4. Always install trusted lock brands

It's not racist to stick with trusted lock brand names that are made in the USA. So many of the imported locks that come from China are so cheaply made they will be a burden rather than offer any home protection. Many of these imports are also well-known by career crooks who know how easy it will be to pick these locks rather than bands that have built-in safeguards against picking methods.

5. Change all your locks if you lose your keys

Just like you would change all of your passwords if your e-mail gets hacked or you cancel your credit card if your wallet is stolen. Changing the locks on your home is a bigger concern because that's not just something you lose, that feeling and fear of knowing you're not safe- sticks around long after your home has been broken into.

6. Shop around for the best deals

It's fine to be frugal and look for the best deal, but don't settle for prices on locks that could be purchased cheaper if they're on sale. Shop around and look at many outlets that are selling quality locks. When you find the price that is better for you (even when comparing brands), you can save a lot by price shopping and always asking for a discount whenever possible.

7. Consider the benefits of a single key residence

If you have a front door and backdoor in your home or even locks installed for the basement, you might want to consider a single key system. This can mean that you use the same key for every lock in your home or at least use fewer keys with locks that can be rekeyed. Nobody likes fumbling around with keys on a keychain, and this is the main benefit of carrying around fewer keys.


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