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What to Look Out for in MOVE OUT Cleaning Services

Oct 19

Are you moving in or out? With some modifications, the above tips will still be applicable for most of the time. Here is a quick overview of the things to be aware of:

Book early

Bookings fill up quickly and it can get more expensive. You don't want to wait too long, and you might miss the opportunity. Or you may have to clean your home yourself, which is not ideal for a project such as moving out of your home.

Flat rate is still more

A flat rate is better than an hourly rate if you are booking a Move-Out Cleaning Bend Oregon. You won't know the efficiency or effort of maids before you book. A flat rate will ensure that you are aware of what you are paying, and you don't get shocked when you receive the final bill.

Take a look

This is an important point that we cannot stress enough. After the cleaning is complete, take the time to walk through the house with the cleaner. This will ensure that there are no omissions. If you are unable to be there at the time of service, please make arrangements for a walk-through. Cleaning companies with a good reputation will offer a cleaning service guarantee. However, you must notify them within 24hrs if there are any problems.

Independent cleaners are unlikely to offer a guarantee of service and may deny any claims you make. You should also double-check your insurance to make sure you are covered for any items that have been stolen or damaged.

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