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How to Clean Your Dryer Vent | A Step-by-Step Guide

Oct 1

The dryer doesn't necessarily perfectly dry your clothes despite what the name implies. You might require a dryer vent cleaning Albuquerque service if your clothes remain damp after several cycles of drying or if the dryer's exterior becomes too hot.


It's not just necessary to keep your clothes clean, but also for your mental well-being. They can store lint over months or even years. The hot air reacts with the lint and causes a hazard for fire. Dryer duct fires account for hundreds of injuries and deaths each year. Another indication that it's time to perform some tidying up in your laundry room is when you notice something burning.


Dryer vents need to be cleaned every two years as per dryer vent cleaning Albuquerque. While cleaning them on your own may seem intimidating, a variety of simple, inexpensive, cost-effective, and time-saving options are offered.


Photo of a laundry room with a blue background. Drying racks, baskets, and shelves of towels

In this area, you will find a list of all the


What is the first step?

You'll need to clean the vent for the dryer.

In just six steps, learn how to cleanse your dryer vent.

Future building-up of the sand is prevented.


What's the first thing I need to be taking care of?

Before cleaning, you must determine if the dryer runs on electricity or gas.


A 240-volt electrical outlet that is grounded is required for an electric dryer. Apart from being more extensive, it will also come with three or four prongs depending on the model.


On the other hand, a gas-powered dryer can be connected with a regular outlet of three prongs at 110 volts and plugged into the gas valve.


Dryer gas supply valves may be shut off while cleaning, but ensure not to damage the gas line's flexibility when moving. Talk to an expert if unsure about the best way to proceed.


It is essential to clean the dryer vent.

At around $24, you can buy a dryer vent cleaner kit at your local hardware store or on the internet.

In only six easy steps, learn how a dryer vent cleaning Albuquerque service usually works.


Step 1: Locate a vent.

Then, find the dryer vent. The diameter of the exhaust pipes for dryers is four inches. They connect to ventilation systems within walls. This pipe is used to blow dry, hot air through it and out through an outdoor vent.


Check your dryer's outside exhaust vent for dust, lint, or dead bugs that could be there. Clean your screens and eliminate any impediments that may be visible.


Step 2: Take out the dryer's power cord with diligence.

It's time to disconnect your dryer once you've found the functions of your ducts. Unplug any metal tapes or clamps attached to your dryer's exhaust pipe. When removing the vent pipe from your wall duct, use just a bit of pressure to keep the pipe from breaking.


Step 3. Take the vacuum out of the bag and clean the lint.

After cleaning the laundry room and putting in an open window or space, you should have a clear view of the dryer vent. Use the vacuum cleaner's hose attachment to clean out any lint in the area around the hole.


The outside duct is similar to a handheld vacuum. Alternatively, you can clear the exterior of the building by yourself.


Step 4: Use a brush to enter the services.

You only require a drill attachment and a dryer brush to clean dryer ducts. You might need to maneuver the hose attachment carefully based on the path your duct is traveling, so move the brush to the maximum extent you can.


If your brush isn't in a position to go through the entire duct or if your brush is too small, then you may need to place the head of the brush into the outside.


Step 5: Clean it up and reconnect

You may have discovered a treasure trove of dust. Use a vacuum cleaner, broom, and dustpan to rid yourself of your fluffy friends.


Connect your dryer to an outlet and the ductwork to the wall.


A different scenario is that dryers may have a soft foil-style wall duct vent. An aluminum elbow with a 90-degree angle will provide adequate venting and fire protection.


It's done! You're due a pat on the back for tackling your dryer's vent, even though it wasn't the most appealing. When the dryer starts, you'll hear the exhaust from the vent. Dryers are no longer needed for dry clothes or endless cycles. You were the only one that made it possible.


The possibility of future build-up is averted.

Remove the lint trap to ensure that lint filaments aren't in the way of your drying process. It is recommended that you remove the lint filter at least once weekly, depending on how often you wash your clothes. Clean and dust the area surrounding your dryer as an additional step.

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