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Sep 14

Your Window Repair Experts

Don't waste money on new windows when you can repair them!

Every homeowner knows that when window issues arise, they need to be addressed promptly before they get worse. However, if you don't have the expertise or equipment to take care of the problem on your own, then it may be time to call a professional. The team at Bright Windows & Exterior has the experience and knowledge needed to assess your windows and provide you with solutions that won't involve a complete window. 

Continue reading here to learn more about the different types of windows our team can repair. 


Any window can be re-glazed, replacing the glass sealed unit, but not the entire window itself. Regardless whether the broken window has double or triple pane sealed glass, or has a frame made of vinyl, wood or metal, we can easily replace it. We can even ensure that the replaced window matches the ones you currently have, matching whatever kind of grilles you have.

To save you from paying for a full window replacement, we can perform a double pane window repair if:

  • The glass is cracked, we can replace the glass
  • The sealed unit has become foggy, or if there are deposits between the window panes, we can defog the window at a fraction of the cost of replacement, or replace the glass if necessary
  • You want to upgrade your window to a more energy efficient argon, we can replace the thermopane unit only, instead of replacing the entire window.


It’s tough to find a reliable window and exterior cleaning company that you can trust. Window and exterior cleaning is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it! And it might as well be us. We’re the most experienced and trusted window and exterior cleaning company in the area.

We take our job seriously, and we’re passionate about providing the best possible service to our customers. We use only the latest equipment and techniques to get your windows and exteriors looking their best. Contact us today at 1-226-387-3983 to schedule a free consultation.


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