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Protecting Against UV Rays with Window Film

Aug 19

The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that nearly half of all eye injury cases occur at home. Many of these eye injuries are caused by homeowners who attempt to improve their homes without wearing protective eyewear. However, there is another, less obvious but equally dangerous threat to your eyes: the cumulative UV rays that penetrate through windows.

To protect the eyes of their family from UV damage, the International Window Film Association recommends that consumers install window films professionally on all windows in their homes.

Only 25 percent of UV rays can be blocked by untreated windows. The AAO states that prolonged exposure to UV light increases the risk of eye problems, including cataracts and cancer. Because the cumulative damage is greater than just a homeowner damaging his/her eye from flying debris, dust or flying debris, most people don't take precautions to protect their eyes from UV damage. Even when the sun is shining brightest, consumers and their families rarely use sunglasses indoors.

Window film can be professionally applied to your home to block UV rays. This will protect your eyes and reduce glare.

Optometrist Dr. Charles Gold of Broadway Vision Center, 170, New York, New York, states that it is crucial for homeowners to take steps to protect their eyes from UV rays. Dr. Gold stated, "Glass does not offer sufficient protection against damaging UV rays, contrary to popular belief." He added, "Bringing in professionals to install the proper window film for your home is a proven method to reduce the glare and impact of these rays on your eyes."

Window film is thin and almost invisible to the naked eye. It provides strong protection but does not alter the appearance of a house. Window film can be tinted in a variety of colors, but homeowners can also choose clear film that does not change the view.

Learn more about how professional-installed window film can be an effective and affordable preventative measure against the damaging UV rays that can damage your eyes.

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