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Mar 25

Remodeling Homes St. Paul's Home Design Blog


Your kitchen is the most important and used room in your house, aside from the bathroom. You can't overlook the importance of functionality when you want to make the most of your kitchen. Unfortunately, many kitchens can be cramped or small which can lead to poor cooking and eating habits. Is your kitchen cramped and feels like it's in a closet? It might be time to think about a kitchen renovation. You don't need to spend more space by adding an addition. There are many remodeling options that can transform your kitchen to make it more efficient and less cramped. Here are four ideas to get your kitchen looking great.

1. Instill a sense of openness

Consider removing any wall that is dividing your kitchen and dining area. If you don’t want to remove the entire wall, you could also take a section and make a breakfast bar. It can double as an additional dining space or a place to prep food. The counter can also be fitted with backless stools that can be hidden underneath it. This gives you another option for seating, without taking up much space.


You don't have to share your kitchen with a wall if you want it to feel open. Cupboards can make small kitchens feel cramped. To create more space and keep your dishes and glassware organized, replace your top cabinets with open shelving. Repainting the kitchen with lighter colors can make it appear less closed-in if it has a dark color scheme.

2. Consider a different layout

It's worth considering changing your entire layout if you don't know where to begin when you look around your kitchen. It is more difficult, but worth the effort if your kitchen functions well. You might consider going galley-style to maximize your space. It will include cabinets and storage on one end and appliances on another.


You can make your kitchen appear larger by creating a sense that the rooms are connected. Matching the flooring in your kitchen and the adjacent room can help achieve this effect. This effect can also be achieved by sharing the same design elements and color schemes in different rooms.


3. Check out your lighting

Lighting is important in any room of your house, including your kitchen. A small kitchen can make it difficult to cook in. Recessed lighting is one way to save space but it is not the only choice. You can brighten up counter space by adding under-cabinet lighting.


Flushed mount lighting is an option for those with low ceilings. This will provide overhead light and not make your space feel cramped. This type of overhead light attaches to your ceiling with very little space between it and the ceiling.


4. Use every inch of space

This also applies to your kitchen's vertical space. There are many options to maximize this space. For easy access to pots or pans, install pull-out shelves in your cabinets. You can also use wire racks to increase the space in your cupboards. Use stacked cabinets to maximize vertical space. You can also install small cubbies, or shelves, in areas that you might not be aware of, like above the sink.


A hanging pot rack can be used to hold larger pots and saucepans. Hanging cooking utensils, or knives can be used on the walls to make more space. You can have endless options in a small kitchen with a little planning and creativity. You will find your kitchen more enjoyable and comfortable if you use every inch of it.


You are looking for remodeling ideas that will make your home more comfortable? Feel free to email us. Our remodeling contractor in St Paul will work with you to create the perfect design solution.


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